Yvodne’s Caribbean

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Yvodne’s Caribbean




Yvodne’s Caribbean Treats was created out of a love of baking and the Caribbean. By combining these two passions I stumbled upon a new untapped market. Cakes and treats using flavours from the sunshine islands of the Caribbean.
“I remember going to Jamaica when I was young and being given Guava Jam on toast. It was a taste I had never had before but loved it! It is a flavour I continued to have a liking for and wondered what it would taste like in a cake. So I tried it! This led me to try other flavours such as plantain, pineapple and banana. Before I knew it I had a range of cakes and treats.”
Yvodne’s Caribbean Treats began small, providing cakes for family parties. Word of mouth quickly spread and we now cater for events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

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