Sabrina Zeif

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Sabrina Zeif



Sabrina is a talented and vibrant cook whose colourful international background strongly influences her original style of cooking. Born in Trinidad, Sabrina’s Caribbean roots sparked her love for flavourful international food. Trinidadian heritage is mixed, embracing a fiery fusion of Indian, Chinese, African, Portuguese, Spanish, British, Syrian, Lebanese, South American and Creole cultures and cuisines. Her passion continued to fuel whilst living in America, particularly in New Orleans, where she became a connoisseur of the local Cajun style of cooking. Sabrina has also lived in San Francisco, Texas, Switzerland and the UK, and is passionate about bringing the best of global cuisine together.

Sabrina has just finished filming her first series with Simply Good Food TV, which will be launching on the app in the next few weeks. To check out the series download the app in either the apple or android stores.  Apple available at simply-good-food-tv/id944874041?mt=8 Android available at apps/details?id=com.peter.sgftv

After many years in the corporate world, Sabrina decided to change course and follow her passion. She has since founded Kitchen Thyme, a culinary experiences company which takes influence from Cajun-Caribbean cuisines and cultures.  The business draws on her culinary roots and heritage and bringing together the eclectic flavours of the many countries she has experienced. The experiences focus on creating delicious, authentic food infused with herbs, spices and unique flavour, using only the freshest local ingredients. Sabrina adopts the Caribbean spirit of fun, laughter and never taking things too seriously at her events. All the experiences are interactive, dynamic and full of delicious food. Offerings include Supper Clubs, Cookery Courses, Creative & Collaborative experiences for businesses and private dining events across the country. Sabrina also does demos, culinary & cultural talks and has recently featured on BBC Radio Shropshire alongside Nigella Lawson.

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