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Guadeloupe flag


Capital City: Basse-Terre

Population: 403,750 (January 2014)

Languages spoken: French , Creole

Religion: Roman Catholic accounts for 95% of the population.

Head of state:     Francois Holland but has a representative on the island, Jacques Gillot (appointed by Hollande)        

Currency:Guadeloupe dish


National Dish:“Crabes Farci” – Spicy stuffed land Crabs.

Brief history of the Island:

Amerindian inhabitants named it KARUKERA – Island of beautiful waters”

During his second trip to America, in November 1493, Christopher Columbus became the first European to land on Guadeloupe. During the 17th century, the Caribs fought against the Spanish settlers and repelled them. After successful settlement on the island of St. Christophe (St. Kitts), the French Company of the American Islands delegated Charles Lienard (Liénard de L’Olive) and Jean Duplessis Ossonville, Lord of Ossonville to colonize one or any of the region’s islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, or Dominica.

Due to Martinique’s inhospitable nature, the duo resolved to settle in Guadeloupe in 1635, took possession of the island, and wiped out many of the Carib Amerindians. It was annexed to the kingdom of France in 1674.

Over the next century, the British seized the island several times. Britain seized Guadeloupe in 1794, holding control from 21 April until December 1794, when republican governor Victor Hugues obliged the British general to surrender. n 4 February 1810 the British once again seized the island and continued to occupy it until 1816. By the Anglo-Swedish alliance of 3 March 1813, it was ceded to Sweden for a brief period of 15 months. During this time the British administration continued in place and British governors continued to govern the island. In the Treaty of Paris of 1814, Sweden ceded Guadeloupe once more to France. An ensuing settlement between Sweden and the British gave rise to the Guadeloupe Fund and  since 1980 considered a region of France

Facts about the Island:

  • Guadeloupe is known to have some of the best dives sites in the world
  • Basse-Terre – the Capital has a rough volcanic Terrain
  • Guadeloupe has the highest waterfall in the Caribbean
  • Guadeloupe is well known for its sugar and rum as well as its beeches and resorts

Famous people from the Island

Christine Arron =  A retired Track and Field Sprinter who completed internationally for France in 60 Metres, 100 Metres and 200 Metres

Admiral T – “Christy Campbell” a French singer of Reggae Dancehall Music

Jero’me Ellezer is a Fench Footballer.

Picture of the Island:
Guadeloupe island