Why have ChildLine partnered with the event?


ChildLine is a national helpline that provides a 24 hour helpline for children and young people around a range of issues. ChildLine is a service provided by the NSPCC.  We have volunteers from the West Midlands that provide this much needed support for local children and beyond.

The festival is a local event with an expected audience of 100,000 over the three days.  We strongly believe this will provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with local children, young people and adults about the service.

At the Birmingham base we have 175 dedicated volunteers who provide a much needed listening ear. However we still need more like minded people join our team and help keep children safe.

We are always keen to ensure our volunteer team is diverse and reflective of the local community such as the Afro and Caribbean population. The festival will help bring together like minded people whilst celebrating all things Caribbean.


What does this mean to the ChildLine as an organisation?


2016 is a big year for us as we are celebrating 30 years of ChildLine. We have helped over 4 million children since we launched. This includes local children and young people who have turned to us for support.

Being part of the festival means we are able to talk about the work of ChildLine. This means reaching out to more children and young people within the community to let them know we are here whenever they need us as well as providing useful information for adults via the NSPCC.

We can also strengthen our networks with other partners such as the west midlands police and other service providers within the area.